Executive Summary

Ms. Leslie Carty and Dr. Ray Markham, Executive Directors, RCCbc

2019-2020 was an exciting year for the RCCbc. Much of our ongoing work continued to flourish (highest attendance of the BC Rural Health Conference yet, reaching 101 Rural Site Visits , new projects began (partnership with Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster to support rural IN PoCUS, supporting rural maternity with ROAM-SP), and much of the groundwork and relationship building we have incorporated into the fundamental way ‘we do business’ over the last many years has provided the foundation to take our work to next level and be able to pivot when we needed to at the end of Winter 2020. 

The commitment of RCCbc, our partners and other stakeholders to collaboration resulted in part from the January 2019 gathering at the Provincial Health Care Partnerships Retreat. We developed and formalized new partnerships, including the BC Academic Health Sciences Network, and the Memorandum of Understanding signed with First Nations Health Authority . An additional, albeit unexpected driver of select RCCbc work in early 2020 resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic, which rapidly mobilized the launch of tools and rural health supports ahead of schedule in project such as Real Time Virtual Support (RTVS), rural transport collaborations, and IN PoCUS

Finally, we would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Dave Snadden who is wrapping up his term as the inaugural Rural Doctors’ UBC Chair in Rural Health. He has brought experience, insight, and great leadership to the role and has been an excellent mentor to several developing Rural Scholars across the province.

The Pentagram Partnership Plus collaborative framework

All of these successes may have occurred during 2019-20 but are the result of years of work in developing relationships, trust, and collaboration frameworks that allow a wide variety of stakeholders to contribute towards the improvement of rural healthcare for providers, citizens, and rural communities. This Pentagram Partnership Plus collaborative framework is foundational to the work of RCCbc – it has allowed us to build stronger relationships, which in turn enabled all of us to come together and work as a whole to strengthen and support rural healthcare throughout the province during a crisis. RCCbc – with its relationship to the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues, and its collaborative, health equity approach to healthcare systems improvement – has served as an example of how alternative approaches to healthcare advocacy, education, and support can create sustainable change, and will likely continue to lead as the pandemic continues on through the coming months of 2020.  

Areas covered in the report 

BC Academic Health Science Network (Rural Health Learning Collaborative)Ray Markham/
Kim Williams
BC Rural Health Awards Stuart Johnston/
Sharon Mah 
BC Rural Health ConferenceBrenda Huff/
Elisa Chow
The CARE Course Jel Coward/
Rebecca Lindley
Communications Stuart Johnston/
Sharon Mah 
Education and Training Robert Woollard
Enhanced Surgical Skills (ESS) Nancy Humber 
Family Practice Anesthetists (FPA) Network Kirk McCarroll
First Nations Health Authority and RCCbc Memorandum of Understanding Ray Markham/
Leslie Carty
Global Health Videsh Kapoor/
Adrienne Peltonen 
Indigenous Physicians Network Terri Aldred/
Kassia Skolski 
Intelligent Network Point of Care Ultrasound project (IN PoCUS) Virginia Robinson 
Interior Node Jason Curran
Nanaimo Emergency Education Program (NEEP) Kevin McMeel 
Network of Rural Divisions Brenda Huff/
Josh Greggain 
Northern Node Erika Belanger/Bree Loeffler/
Janna Olynick
Obstetrical Surgical Services (OSS) Nicole Ebert 
Physician Resiliency Kirstie Overhill 
Quality Improvement Dan Horvat 
RCME Community Program Ian Schokking/ 
Heather Gummow 
Recruitment and Retention Alan Ruddiman 
Research, Evaluation, and Quality Improvement Ian Schokking/
Adrienne Peltonen 
Rural Doctors UBC Chair in Rural Health Dave Snadden
Rural Equity for Primary Care Networks (PCNs)Ray Markham/
Kim Williams
Rural Health Services Research Network of BC (RHSRNbc)Stefan Grzybowski/ 
Evonne Tran 
Rural LocumsPamela Kryskow 
Rural Medicine Interested Graduates James Card 
Rural Obstetrical and Maternity Sustainability Program (ROAM-SP)Jeanette Boyd/ 
Tatiana Ticona 
Rural Site Visits Project Stuart Johnston/
Krystal Wong
Rural Surgical and Obstetrical Networks (RSON)Nancy Humber/
Kim Williams 
Rural Transport Trina Larsen Soles 
Telehealth/Real-Time Virtual Supports John Pawlovich 
Translational MedicineAlan Rabinowitz
UBC Rural Continuing Professional Development (RCPD) Dana Hubler/ 
Laura Beamish